Classes are now available by appointment…

Each will be individual sessions unless otherwise requested and approved and will be both instructive and educational.

If there is any particular subject that you would like assistance with or education about and it is not listed here; please send me an Email request.

  • Energy manipulation:
    Learn how to see the beauty in your energy and the energy of others.
    How to use your energy in healing, depression and any number of ways…
    Always remember Magic : it is the ability to manipulate and environment to cause a desired affect.
    Energy manipulation classes come in three stages….
    1: How to find and visualize your energy and the energy of others.
    2: How to manipulate your energy when you can visualize it. or  How to manipulate energy when you can not visualize it.
  • Uses of energy manipulation.
    ******please take note…Not all people have the ability to see their energy. But that does not mean you can not learn how to manipulate your energy.  Some will find energy manipulation easy and others may not ***** 
  • Occult sciences:
    General history of the occult. Without understanding the history it is hard to understand the present. There are many Frauds and pretenders out there so make it easy to spot them
  • Scrying:
    How to use a Pendulum or scrying crystal to reveal lifes path. There are so many ways to use these items but hard to find real ones that are charged and what that means.
  • Spell casting: 
    Spells are not to be taken lightly and only should be undertaken once you have complete control of your own energy.
    I will teach any number of spells at individual request.

As you may know my paypal buttons have been rather contrary for a while now.
To send payments for readings until they are all sorted out the easiest way to remit payments for readings is directly through You can send payments to .
Apologies for any inconvenience but hopefully this will make things simple till I have the chance to go and amend the buttons.

Classes in other subjects are available upon request. These include~
Quantum Jumping
Visualization and many more. Please ask if you have any questions.

Yahoo Messenger /Skype Video teaching sessions
15 min Video Session ~ $65.00 USD
30 mins Video Session ~ $85.00 USD
45 mins Video Session ~ $105.00 USD
60 mins  Video Session~ $140.00 USD