I am truly humbled and honored by the reviews and praise sent my way. This is not a job to me. From the first time you enter my room until the last you become my Friend and Family.

  • Alia has been so much more than a spiritual advisor and guide to me over the past few years.  She has truly been someone there during those troubled times in life who shows she cares by going above and beyond at every step.  She is the most accurate psychic I have spoken with and continues to blow me away.  Sometimes I may not want to believe what she tells me, but it has always proven itself to be true.  She is also one of the most fun and witty advisors to speak with and has me belly ache laughing in no time, even when I have been at my lowest.  I’m so glad I stumbled upon her – though I don’t believe it was by accident I found her when I did.  Cannot recommend her enough!  Love her!! 
  • Alia is so much more than a psychic: she’s an advisor, a friend, a confidante, and her spells kick BUTT!!! She has quickly become one of my favorite readers when I need guidance.
  • Been speaking to her for over 10 years! She’s one of the best ever. Period.
  • Alia is fantastic! Very accurate and tells you things without having to ask questions! Love her!
  • I was so lost, so hurt, and in 15 minutes, Alia made that dissipate. She hit it on the mark. I know she is the real deal because she knew the exact character flaws and OMG I just dropped to my knees and thanked God I found Alia. I can really move on now.
  • Alianight is so wonderful in her abilities. She picked up what was going on with me immediately, the man in spirit with me that I’ve shared many, many past lives with. She is so nice to talk to. She is very honest and knows her work.
  • A friend recommended Alia to me and she’s excellent! I love the way she speaks. I love the honesty she provides (even though it may not necessarily be something I want to hear). I have all my trust in her and believe things will turn out as she says.
  • This was the first time I have ever had a reading with Alia, and I was amazed at what she knew. She is AMAZING! She knew everything I had been told in the past plus more. You will NOT be disappointed in this reader. I will definitely be back soon!
  • The best psychic out there. She is patient, on target, and really reads your situation perfectly. Does’nt need birthdays or names. Very sincere and does not rush you. Worth every penny. Most importantly, leaves you with peace of mind after you talk.
  • Alia was the best psychic ever. She’s amazing. Thanks!
  • She will tell you nothing short of the truth and make you realize your own power in life. I love her dearly!
  • Wonderful psychic! Cares about the people she talks to and always remembers things even after years of not talking with her! Always makes me SMILE! Thank you, Alia Night!
  • The master psychic that I go to when all else seemed to steer me to the wrong path. Love you. 🙂
  • I immediately trusted her. She knows what she is talking about. She read the situation so quickly and clearly, and is so precise and straight to the point. She tells it as she sees it: brutal honesty at times, but always delivered with compassion.
  • She is my angel of the night. Insightful like always. Thanks girl; love ya!
  • Fantastic soul. Gets right to the heart of the matter. No crap, no lies, just the truth – even when it hurts!!! Thanks a ton!!!!
  • I love this lady, seriously. Every time she is ON. No fluff. ALWAYS ON THE MONEY. ALWAYS!!!! THANK YOU!!!