My name is Alia Night. I am a Witch, empath/psychic tarot reader and clairvoyant. In my readings, I cover all aspects of both physical and emotional issues. I also teach spell casting, magic sciences, the occult, tarot, runes, dream interpretation, crystals, quantum jumping and energy manipulation. I give insight into past life issues and the implications they may have in regards to the present and the future. I have a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Parapsychology, am certified and accredited in Forensic Nursing sciences and psychic counseling, and hold a Master’s in Psionics and Energy Manipulation.

Through the years, I have read for the famous and the infamous, professional and nonprofessional alike. I’ve helped law enforcement and taught classes in magic, the history of witchcraft and the occult. I hold honored memberships in national and international metaphysical and paranormal organizations. I’m also the founder of Humanity Speaking, a company dedicated to the welfare, understanding and awareness of the animal world so many of us take for granted.  

I will not lie and I will not tell you just what you want to hear. So if you are looking for half truths and fabrications, please look somewhere else. Always remember: your choices are your own and nothing is carved in stone except that which marks your grave, so until that point all things are possible.

“Do not fear what you do not understand. Do not hate or persecute that which is beyond you. The perfection of humanity, of creation itself, belongs to no one. It is the robe of the spirits, a grand design of bone and blood, of intellect and memory, of beautiful suffering and tragic yet unrelenting hope. These robes are borrowed, and when we return home to the mansion of the souls, we leave them at the door.”

~*~Here lies your Epiphany~*~